Breaking News: In completely predictable move, AutismOne announces Vaxxed screening

In case you missed it, there’s been quite the hubbub over discredited Andrew Wakefield’s foray into filmmaking. In short, the movie was added to the prestigious film festival, from which a large majority of submissions are rejected, by Robert de Niro who has an autistic son. Upon outrage from the general public, the scientific community, and the autistic community, de Niro pulled the movie from the film festival. Now, Wakefield and friends are shopping around for venues to show their movie. AutismOne, completely predictably, given their roots in the anti-vaccine movement, will be screening the movie.

Commentary from the film industry

The film industry has criticized both that the movie bypassed the normal submission process, which is highly competitive, and that, from a filmmaking perspective, the movie is terrible.

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Commentary from the scientific and skeptic communities

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