CD/MMS: Chlorine Dioxide and the Miracle Mineral Solution

IMG_0637Perhaps the most shocking “treatment” promoted at AutismOne is Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). The active ingredient in MMS is chlorine dioxide, or CD, an industrial bleaching agent.
MMS was invented by Jim Humble, a man who also claims to be a god from the Andromeda galaxy and that MMS can cure nearly all diseases, whether they are viral, bacterial, genetic or something else. He has also created a “church” through which to promote and sell MMS since that protect him and his bishops legally from prosecution and financially from taxes. This story has been recently covered in both Forbes and the Washington Post.

Autism Parents Still Buying Into Bleach Cure From Self-Described Space Alien God

This church’s cancer-curing elixir is really bleach, federal authorities say

EPA Toxicology Review of ChlorineThe CD autism protocol involves using this bleach as an enema to “cure” autism. Proponents of this claim that autism is caused by parasites and that bleach enemas remove these parasites and thereby “cure” autism. But what they think are parasites are really the lining of these children’s intestines that have been stripped away. The FDA and other agencies around the world have issues safety alerts about using these products for these purposes.

  • There is no scientific basis for the use of MMS to treat autism (or anything else for which it is claimed to be used).
  • At the suggested doses, the chemicals in MMS are toxic. In fact, the most concerning effect observed in the toxicity studies of chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite is neurodevelopmental delay.
  • Using untested, unproven and unregulated treatments on children is childhood experimentation. To experiment on children without appropriate regulation and approval is highly unethical.

At last year’s AutismOne, there was a protest specifically against the promotion of MMS by Kerri Rivera at AutismOne. Read about it here.

After the conference, the Illinois Attorney General served Kerri River with an Order of Voluntary Compliance. By signing this, Kerri acknowledged that she was violating the Consumer Fraud Act. She is also barred from promoting or selling anything related to CD/MMS in Illinois.

News coverage of this can be found here. You can also view the Order of Voluntary Compliance.

After being limited from selling CD/MMS, Kerri disappeared from social media briefly, only to reappear selling another miracle cure:

…as recently as 3 months ago, parasites caused autism and shoving bleach into a child’s rectum repeatedly and often removed those parasites and reversed the symptoms. But today, she says autism has a completely different biological mechanism and a completely different cure that has nothing to do with the previous “miracle cure”.

Perhaps this should tell you something about what what “cure” means to a person like a Kerri. It seems “cure” means “anything I can convince vulnerable parents to give me money for”.  In other words, she takes advantage of a vulnerable population, convinces them of something that is not true and makes money off of her lies. I think there’s a term for that: con artist.

Kerri Rivera to Stop Promoting and Selling Bleach Quackery in Illinois

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Louis Daniel Smith was convicted and sentenced last year for selling industrial bleach as a miracle cure for numerous diseases and illnesses, including cancer, AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, Lyme disease, asthma and the common cold.

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